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Unavailable #1178

Notice Status: Closed


Please note that we have experienced an issue with the NAS system in ACT this morning.

This is currently being investigated as a priority but services should be resuming.

Scheduled Start Time

10/09/2018 10:19:00

Estimated Completion Time

11/09/2018 09:00:00

Notice Updates

11/09/18 09:06

All access to systems for users were restored in the small hours of this morning. We have monitored the NFS mounts for home directories during the night to ensure they have been restored. If you have any issues logging into NX due to a stuck session, instructions on how to terminate your session can be found here: We will continue to monitor all systems very closely for the rest of the week, but we are confident that we have rectified the initial root cause of the issue which was a known bug in the CentOS operating system.

10/09/18 13:55

Please note that we are continuing to experience issues with the NAS system. Our specialist team are investigating this as a priority and we hope to be able to provide you with further updates shortly. Many thanks for your ongoing patience.


10/09/2018 10:20:26

Services Affected

  • Research Systems
    • Research Storage

Affected Locations

  • All Locations

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