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Unavailable #2539

Notice Status: Closed


We are currently experiencing an issue which is effecting access to a small number of mailboxes. We are actively working on this. Sorry for any inconvenience - we will update again within the hour.

Scheduled Start Time

09/10/2019 17:01:00

Estimated Completion Time

09/10/2019 20:34:11

Notice Updates

09/10/19 20:34

Issue contained and resolved for all mailstores onsite. (the only effected area in this status message) Checking complete - status page can now be marked for "system normal"


09/10/2019 17:14:52

Services Affected

  • Staff Email
    • IMAP
    • OWAMail
    • Email Delivery
    • Public Folders

Affected Locations

  • All Locations

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