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At Risk #2567

Notice Status: Closed


We have experienced an issue with passwords on various systems.

Services which use the Microsoft cloud to sign in have not had any updates to passwords, meaning that you may not be able to sign into your emails and other online services if you have recently changed your password or are a new starter.

You will still be able to sign into local systems such as desktops and laptops.

Scheduled Start Time

19/11/2019 12:00:00

Estimated Completion Time

22/11/2019 16:40:03

Notice Updates

22/11/19 16:40

We are closing this status notice as we have not received further reports of login failure caused by the password sync issues earlier in the week.

20/11/19 16:47

We believe that passwords that were changed via on-site systems have now synchronized up to the Cloud. Please try accessing these services once more. We will continue to monitor this service and close this status notification when we are confident that the synchronization has fully complete.

20/11/19 11:16

We are working on a fix and are estimating a resolution by the end of the day.


20/11/2019 11:16:29

Services Affected

  • Staff Email
    • IMAP
    • OWAMail
    • Email Delivery
    • Public Folders
  • Core Infrastructure Services
    • Authentication Services
  • Financial Systems
    • Agresso
    • UORLearn

Affected Locations

  • All Locations

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